Digitalizing the Solvency II reporting flow with REGTECH DATAHUB.

Procuring and consolidating reference data for the SolvencyII can be a cumbersome task for an insurance company with multiple mandates spread across multiple fund managers combined with own direct investments.

With the REGTECH DATAHUB’s Solvency II module, we have developed a system that utilizes the millions of ISINs within REGTECH DATAHUB’s data lake. Furthermore, we can consolidate .TPT files from fund managers and include all investments in one single .TPT file that can be imported in your reporting engine and form the basis for your XBRL report.

The REGTECH DATAHUB’s Solvency II module performs this task in an instant and subsequently makes it easy to integrate with existing systems – either by file exchange or API requests. The only requirement is a list of ISIN codes for the Solvency II module to return a .TPT file including funds, funds of funds and individual ISINs.

Want to know more about Solvency II and how we incorporate it in REGTECH DATAHUB?

To schedule a meeting and/ or a demonstration, please contact: Lars Christiansen – tel: +45 2993 4678 – mail: lc@regtechdatahub.com

Download REGTECH DATAHUB’s White Paper here

[1] Solvency II is a regulatory framework implemented by the European Union to regulate the insurance and reinsurance industry. It aims to ensure the financial stability and solvency of insurance companies operating within the European Union. Solvency II was introduced to replace the previous Solvency I regime, which was deemed inadequate in addressing the complex risks faced by insurers.

[2] The TPT format Solvency II – The Solvency II tripartite template is an EU-wide standardized data exchange format to facilitate the delivery of the portfolio composition of funds between asset managers and insurers.