What is


Simple Structure

REGTECH DATAHUB retrieves, processes and structures data and combines it with other data and then makes it available in a simple and easily accessible structure.

Modular Structure

REGTECH DATAHUB is built by modules and is customized so you only pay for the modules required.

Public Records

Data comes primarily straight from open available sources from authorities e.g.
ESMA (MiFID II reporting), GLEIF (LEI ultimate parent) or ANNA-DSB (ISIN Issuer on Derivatives).

Your Data

The challenges of complying with the regulations for storing and distributing data from data vendors have been solved with REGTECH DATAHUB. These are your data and they can be used freely and stored with other data.


REGTECH DATAHUB ensures transparency about the algorithms that control complex markings, so that the customer can determine the markings in relation to business model and customer types.

Risk Management

REGTECH DATAHUB provides the opportunity to use information on issuer and issuer hierarchy to manage counterparty risk and register “Ultimate Parents”.









REGTECH DATAHUB is built on modules. This way you only pay for the data you need.

Examples of REGTECH DATAHUB Modules


ESMA and others make MiFID II data publicly available through a variety of databases and Excel files. REGTECH DATAHUB downloads all these data and structures it in one data warehouse.

Solvency II

The REGTECH DATAHUB’s Solvency hierarchy module performs this task in an instant and subsequently makes it easy to integrate with existing systems - either by file exchange or API requests.


The CRR II module draws on international (GLEIF) and national business registers with ownership data and combines those.

Credit Hierarchies

The credit hierarchy module receives an identification of a customer - using either a LEI code or a national company ID - and returns a hierarchy of business identifications consisting of LEI and national identifiers such as CVR or other national identification.

ISIN LEI Mapping

Based on ISIN (instrument code), the associated LEI code (company code) can be looked up in REGTECH DATAHUB's database (all 2 million).